DNA Supernatural Vitamin A Serum & Acne Control

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DNA Supernatural Vitamin A Serum & Acne Control

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A therapeutic anti-aging creme, rich in natural Vitamin A(Retin-A) and phyto-nutrients that won't cause redness, peeling or sensitivity.

Accelerates new cell growth for a rapid transformation of skin to moisturize, soften and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

It helps balance skin pigmentation without over-drying the skin, while healing and promoting healthier facial tissue.

Vitamin A Content may be too drying for some skin types.

Dry/Mature Skin Blend with DNA CryoStem Moisturizer and/or Booster Shots for daily use.

SKIN TYPE: Acne, Normal to Oily & Sun Damaged Skin Types

Liquid Vitamin A - Helps Heal Delicate Acne Skin Tissue
Accelerates Cell Renewal - Deminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Gently Exfoliates Skin - Clear Blemishes and firm Skin Tone
Supports Regeneratio of Scar Tissue - Great For Acne Skin or Overexposed Skin to Sun

• Uplifting to the senses and emotions
• Has natural anti-depressant qualities

HOW TO USE: After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply Supernatural Vitamin A Serum™ over entire face, neck and decolette (upper chest area), using long sweeping upward motions. Can be mixed with Blemish Booster Shots™ to balance hyperpigmented skin and help to promote the healing of scar tissue.

INGREDIENTS: Steam distilled water, witch hazel extract, natural grain alcohol, glycerin, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide, potassium sorbate, sandalwood oil, hydrolyzed yeast protein, pyridozine HCI, Atantoin, biotin, xanthangum, propolis extract, retinol, bisabolol, lactic acid, chalic acid (D), totarol, panthenol(D)

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