Viana Lab Numbing Gel with 9.6% Lidocaine

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Viana Lab Numbing Gel with 9.6% Lidocaine
Viana Lab Numbing Gel with 9.6% Lidocaine

Viana Lab Numbing Gel is a high strength topical anesthetic containing 9.6% lidocaine.

It can be used to numb the skin before medical aesthetic treatments, permanent makeup, waxing & hair removal, tattoo, piercing, and urology.

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive, All Skin Types

FOR WHO: This gel is ideal for people with sensitive skin and can be easily applied before any beauty procedure to relieve pain.


  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Gel-Type Numbing Agent  
  • High Strength Topical Anesthetic: 9.6% Lidocaine
  • Safe & Effective: Complies with Int'l Standards for Aesthetic Medicine Products           
  • Easy to Use, No Sealing: Easily Spreadable, Treatment Area's Not Sealed w/Plastic Wrap                                                                                                                                                       



  • Store at Room Temperature: 33 - 86 degrees
  • Shelf Life is 3 Years from Manufacturing Date
  • Keep out of Reach of Children & Infants


    • Cleanse affected area with soap & water and rinse thoroughly
    • Pat skin dry with towel.
    • Apply a thick layer of gel on the treatment area.
    • Do not cover and seal with plastic wrap.
    • After 30-40 minutes, wipe off the gel with clean cloth and perform procedure.

    INGREDIENTS:  Lidocaine 96mg, Carbomer940-8mg, Concentrated Glycerin 100mg, Propylene Glycol 100mg, Ethanol 250mg, Trolamine .8mg, Water.   

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