Merikit Grain Rice Foam Cleanser


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Merikit Grain Rice Foam Cleanser


The gentle foam removes impurities in the pores and residual makeup, while fermented grain extracts form a protective barrier to keep the skin hydrated and smooth after cleansing.

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types

FOR WHO: Environmentally stressed skin. Mild, organic foam base protects and gently refines delicate facial skin. Removes makeup and impurities.

FEATURES - BENEFITS:                                                            

  • Rice - Rich in Vitamin E and C, Keep the Skin Clear and Healthy             
  • Black Bean - Anti Aging, Contains Lecithin to Soothe and Moisturize Skin       
  • Coix - Cools and Soothes Skin
  • Mung Bean - Soothing 
  • Wheat - Conditions Skin
  • Corn Kernal Extract - Forms a Protective Barrier to Prevent Harmful Dust From Being Absorbed into Skin
  • Yeast Extract - Clarifying, Rich in Vitamins and Minerals  


  1. Apply a dime size amount of Merikit Grain Rice Foam into hand and lather with warm water into face and neck.
  2. Use Merikit Grain Rice Foam Cleanser morning & night
INGREDIENTS: Rice, Black Bean, Coix, Mung Bean, Wheat, Corn Kernal Extract, Yeast Extract

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