Eres Tu Serum Sodium DNA Serum

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Eres Tu Serum Sodium DNA Serum

Is an excellent serum for skin regeneration.

This serum contains PDRN (polydeoxyribonuclease) which has been proven effective to be used to heal wounds and to regenerate the skin.

Sodium DNA or PDRN(which can be found in salmon sperm) is an ingredient which has been used for decades to speed up the skin wound healing process.

It also improves the condition of the skin.

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Dull, Damaged Skin Types

FOR WHO:  Nourishing, moisture intense Facial Serum with the maximum concentration of a highly potent blend of the most effective anti-aging, healing, protective antioxidants.


  • Promotes Skin Elasticity and Hydration 
  • Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Pore Size  
  • Boosts Cell Renewal & New Cell Growth




  1. Cleanse your skin with warm water and foaming cleanser.
  2. Use the dropper to apply serum to areas of you face you want treated, pat gently with fingers and finish with a moisturizing cream and sunscreen.
  3. Use Serum 2 times a day. 

INGREDIENTS: PDRN (polydeoxyribonuclease)  

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