Eres Tu Serum Arbutin 5% Serum

Eres Tu

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Eres Tu Serum Arbutin 5% Serum
Eres Tu Serum Arbutin 5% Serum

Over exposed, damage skin can be reversed with Arbutin 5% Serum.

This serum reduces the melanin production created when skin has been over exposed to ultraviolet sun rays. 

When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, it produces melanin in the base layer of the epidermis.

Every 4 Weeks the epidermal layer of the skin has a turnover and completely renews it's cells. 

This serum will encourage the melanin to be removed and the skin will produce new skin cells low in melanin content. 

Used on a regular basis, Arbutin 5% Serum will help reduce the melanin production and make skin look brighter. 

Always use sunscreen when using Arbutin 5% serum.  

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Dull, Damaged Skin Types

FOR WHO:  Skin Brightening Facial Serum with the maximum concentration of a highly potent blend of the most effective anti-aging, healing, protective antioxidants.


  • Skin Brightening Effect   
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation & Dryness    
  • Reverses Sun Damage  


  1. Cleanse your skin with warm water and foaming cleanser.
  2. Use the dropper to apply 2 drops on your face, pat gently with fingers and finish with a moisturizing cream and sunscreen.
  3. Use Serum 2 times a day.  



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